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What is COMPAL?
Birth of COMPAL
Impact of COMPAL I in Latin America
The regional component of COMPAL II
Developing a COMPAL Platform for action
The COMPAL team
UNCTAD's support to analytical and research-oriented activities
UNCTAD's role in the general supervision of the COMPAL Programme as part of the PMC
Implementing the Activities
Project Management Commitees (PMCs)
Operational structure of the PMC
UNCTAD and NPCs contribution
Who we are
Members of the Internal Task Force of UNCTAD Competition and Consumer Policies Branch
Fausto Alvarado (Ecuador)
Juan Luis Crucelegui Garate (España)
Edgar Odio (Costa Rica)
Ricardo Maguiña (Perú)
Julio Bendaña (Nicaragua)
Anina Del Castillo (República Dominicana)
Pamela Sittenfeld (Costa Rica)
José Roa (Chile)
Santiago Roca (Perú)
Fernando Furlan (Brasil)
Gustavo Valbuena (Colombia)
Celina Escolán (El Salvador)
Patrick Krauskopf (Suiza)
Luis Berenguer Fuster (España)
Members of the Advisory Group of Expert (AGE) of COMPAL II
The AGE on Competition issues
The AGE on Consumer Protection issues
Latin American and Caribbean Working Group on Trade and Competition Policies
II Annual meeting of the Working Group on trade and Competition (18-19 June 2012)
Technical Assistance and Cooperation
Public Procurement
Cross-Border Anticompetitive Practices
Sub-Group 4: Health Sector
High Level Segment
Sub-Group 2 : Coherence
Rafael Corazza
Swiss Competition Commission - COMCO
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs - SECO
Partnership with COMCO: The Internship Programme
Eco. Francisco Sigueñas (Perú)
Miguel Angel Luque (Perú)
The Regional Component
Enhanced cooperation between competition agencies and related institutions
Regional studies on the challenges that competition agencies face from openly competitive sectors affected by anticompetitive practices
Common methodologies in analytical techniques to investigate markets in Colombia and Peru
Contact us