The UN celebrates the Global Entrepreneurship Week  

Empretec is a United Nations programme established by UNCTAD's Division of Investment and Enterprise to promote the creation of sustainable small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Empretec works to support entrepreneurs to build innovative and internationally competitive SMEs.

Geneva, Switzerland - 20 November 2013

The United Nations community successfully celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 on Wednesday, November 20, at the Palais des Nations.

A town hall meeting on Youth Entrepreneurship for Development, in the presence of the ambassadors of Colombia, Italy, Mexico and Portugal, was organized with the collaboration of both UN and non-UN partners, among them UNCTAD, WIPO, the Youth Employment Network (YEN), the University of Geneva and GENILEM. The meeting was attended by more than 110 young participants. It illustrated the
extraordinary development potential of youth entrepreneurship and how it may offer a means of tackling youth unemployment, a dramatic problem which is affecting developed and developing countries alike.

A keynote address was delivered by Professor Raul Cuero, founder of the International Park of Creativity in Colombia. He spoke about how science, creativity and innovation are instrumental in developing a generation of dynamic and ground-breaking entrepreneurs. The forum featured a panel of entrepreneurs, each at different stages of their business creation. It also included a second panel which focused on how to leverage support network for young entrepreneurs.

The panelists represented institutions including the World Economic Forum, Start-Up Chile and Unitec of
the University of Geneva, among others. They underlined the importance for young entrepreneurs to interact with external actors who can help them to overcome obstacles, to learn from failures and
to fully unleash their creative potential.

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