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  Outcome of the Conference  

The two key texts adopted at UNCTAD XI —the Spirit of São Paulo and the São Paulo Consensus— reconfirmed the mandates of the 2000 Bangkok Plan of Action from UNCTAD X and laid out the policy direction for the next four years. UNCTAD’s analytical initiatives on trade and poverty, on dynamic sectors in world trade and on the new geography of trade have caught the imagination of development policy makers. UNCTAD flagship reports on trade and development, investment, least developed countries and e-commerce— as well as the special research on the history ofUNCTAD — have all helped to underpin the case for development-friendly policies in support of developing and transition economies. UNCTAD’s wide expertise in capacity building for trade and investment negotiations, in managing debt and supporting debt restructuring, and in enhancing efficiency in trade, is tapped by more and more member States and is highly appreciated by other UN development agencies.

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18 June 2004 20:37
A Partnership for Training, Distance Learning and Networking | Partnership for Development, 17 June 2004 The meeting underlined the need for developing countries to have access to and to produce the knowledge that would allow them to formulate and implement home-grown economic policies and make decisions reflecting and serving their own national interests
17 June 2004 23:00
Global System of Trade Preferences Ministers of GSTP Participants met in São Paulo tonight, in the context of UNCTAD XI, to launch the new negotiations.
17 June 2004 22:24
ICT as an Enabler for Growth The current divide between developed and developing countries in terms of access to and use of ICT calls for immediate action.
17 June 2004 22:06
Building a secure and efficient environment for trade | Trade and Transport Facilitation Session participants stressed that international cooperation in transport and trade facilitation should be strengthened to increase efficiency in beneficiary countries.
17 June 2004 22:00
Trade and Poverty Members of the High-Level Panel provided different perspectives and experiences aimed at achieving a better understanding of the linkages between trade, growth and poverty.

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  General Debate  
14 June 2004, Room B
General Statements (14 June)
15 June 2004, Room B
General Statements (15 June)
16 June 2004, Room B
General Statements (16 June)
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  Subthemes of the conference  
Development Strategies
Building Productive Capacity
Assuring Development Gains from Trade
Partnership for Development
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  UNCTAD XI Live webcast  

All statements in the General Debate and discussions in the Interactive Thematic Sessions were broadcast live on the Internet.
Archived webcasts:

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  Thematic sessions  

14 June 2004, Plenary Hall
High-level Round Table on Trade and Poverty (Task Force)
14 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Economic Development and Capital Accumulation: Recent Experience and Policy Implications
15 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Leveraging FDI for Export Competitiveness
15 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Building Competitive Export Capacity of Developing Country Firms
16 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Assuring Development Gains from the International Trading System and Trade Negotiations
16 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Policy Options and Strategies to Support Developing Countries' Competitiveness in the Most Dynamic Sectors of International Trade
17 June 2004, Plenary Hall
ICT as an Enabler for Growth, Development and Competitiveness: Implications for national and International policies and actions
17 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Trade and Transport Facilitation: Building a Secure and Efficient Environment for Trade
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