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  Theme of the Conference  

The conference is UNCTAD´s highest decision-making body. It meets every four years to set priorities and guidelines for the organization, and provides an opportunity to debate key economic and development issues.

During the week-long conference, a number of thematic sessions on trade, investment, finance, technology and development-related topics will be organized around the main theme:

Enhancing the coherence between national development strategies and global economic processes towards economic growth and development, particularly of developing countries

Debates will focus on ways to make trade work for development, bearing in mind the outcomes of the recent summits on Financing for Development and Sustainable Development. Emphasis will be on improving competitiveness and building capacity in the productive sector.

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  Subthemes of the Conference  
Development Strategies
Building Productive Capacity
Assuring Development Gains from Trade
Partnership for Development
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  Thematic Sessions  

14 June 2004, Plenary Hall
High-level Round Table on Trade and Poverty (Task Force)
14 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Economic Development and Capital Accumulation: Recent Experience and Policy Implications
15 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Leveraging FDI for Export Competitiveness
15 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Building Competitive Export Capacity of Developing Country Firms
16 June 2004, Plenary Hall
Assuring Development Gains from the International Trading System and Trade Negotiations
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