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What is COMPAL?
The regional component of COMPAL II
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Below are the primary objectives, scope, justification and details of the activities of this important component of COMPAL II.

(1) Objectives: The regional component has a fundamental objective to disseminate the activities of COMPAL by increasing its impact and multiplier effect on the different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

(2) Scope and modalities of the implementation: The regional component has different ways of implementation. Firstly, there are simple exchanges of experiences between COMPAL countries to ensure synergies and avoid duplication of efforts. Second is the spread of COMPAL activities in countries without direct national projects, as in the case of Paraguay and Uruguay. Thirdly, there exists a third category that refers to those countries that have their own resources from the beneficiary institution and who wish to join COMPAL.  This is the case of Ecuador and will soon be the case of Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. Finally there is a fourth embodiment where donor countries finance all or part of the national component as in the case of the Dominican Republic with funds from Spain.

(3) Rationale: A growing need for regional south-south cooperation is a theme involving a number of international players, such as businesses, who are in a process integration .  This is the case of the countries in Latin America. In the region, natural networks of competition agencies and consumer protection agencies exist and can contribute to the essential purposes of COMPAL II and therefore UNCTAD has had priority when approaching sub-regional groupings such as the Andean Community of Nations, MERCOSUR and the Working Group on Competition (American Competition Group) CONCADECO.  In addition, UNCTAD approached other networks such as FOPREL’s legislatures and the Central American Court of Justice.

Last updated: 25 January 2012 15:59