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Who we are
Members of the Advisory Group of Expert (AGE) of COMPAL II
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The AGE is a group of independent professionals and experts in Competition and Consumer Protection Law and Policy in Latin America, who support the successful implementation of COMPAL activities. The AGE was launched along with the second phase of the COMPAL Programme.

The functions of the AGE are: (i) to provide comments and suggestions to the COMPAL Team in Geneva for developing the strategy and activities of the Programme; (ii) to identify areas of potential interest to beneficiary countries of the COMPAL Programme; (iii) to contribute to the well-functioning and successful achievement of concrete activities of the Programme, namely, by providing comments and suggestions on reports, studies, legislation and bills on competition and consumer protection and participating in conferences, roundtables and other COMPAL events; and (iv) to participate in field missions in order to ensure the exchange of experiences and provide support to beneficiary countries of the COMPAL Programme.

The AGE is composed of experts known to have contributed to the design and implementation of Competition and Consumer Protection policies in Latin America. The membership of the AGE shows the geographical diversity of COMPAL members; although it is also open to nationals of non-member countries as long as their experience is deemed relevant to the COMPAL Programme.

Due to the diverse nature of COMPAL activities, the AGE provides a significant contribution when analyzing national bills and regulations, elaborating sectoral studies and participating in capacity building workshops and disseminating events. Firstly, the AGE's support is particularly relevant in legal drafting as its comments and suggestions benefit from its members' experience from leading competition and consumer protection agencies. Thus, their views contribute to improve the content of proposed pieces of legislation. Secondly, regarding sectoral studies, the AGE participates not only at the substantive level (providing comments and improving the outcome) but also from the outset (helping with drafting the most suitable terms of reference). Finally, in relation to capacity building workshops and dissemination events, the AGE takes an active role in  terms of design and participation.

Each COMPAL Member State requires the support of the AGE when it deems it necessary. Although not all members of the AGE participate in all activities with the same dedication, they are all consulted for each activity. Therefore, documents released by the AGE contain a true collective view of all  members. The AGE is one of the greatest assets of the COMPAL II for members lacking national funds, as it allows them to benefit from its vast experience at a very low cost.




The AGE of COMPAL II is basically composed by ex-head of Competition Authorities in Latin America and Spain:


Luis Berenguer Fuster (Spain)          Gustavo Valbuena (Colombia)



         Fernando Furlan (Brazil)                 Juan Luis Crucelegui (Spain)

 To see the other GAE members, please click on "Español".






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