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National Annual Reports -INAs
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The National Annual Reports - INAs are presented by the national coordinators, which describe the specific work of COMPAL in each of the activities implemented during the reporting period. These reports can be summarized as follows:

a. The constant search by the beneficiary countries from international best practices (eg activities in Nicaragua in the production of manuals, guidelines and methodologies)
b. The commitment of the competition authorities and consumer to issue decisions of substance and quality (compilation of rules and resolutions in Colombia and Peru)
c. The need to collect and disseminate information on each case under investigation (whether on competition or consumer) in a systematic way and in accordance with binding administrative jurisprudence. (Manual of good practice in research techniques in Nicaragua, Administrative Procedures Manual for COPROCOM in Costa Rica, etc)
d. The level of design of public policies, reducing barriers in doing business (Policy Framework Antitrust in Bolivia)
e.  The consistency of competition policy with other policies such as investment promotion, industrial policy, etc.

To see moreabout these reports, please visit "Extranet"

Last updated: 23 January 2012 00:10