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The COMPAL team
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The COMPAL team is composed by: (i) the COMPAL team in Geneva, (ii) the internal task force of UNCTAD Competition and Consumer Policies Branch (CCPB); and (iii) the Advisory Group of Experts (AGE) of COMPAL II.

(i) The COMPAL Team in Geneva: It is composed by professionals of UNCTAD CCPB devoted full-time to the Programme. Its responsability is to monitor and implement the COMPAL Programme. UNCTAD has strengthened the team in Geneva, following the recommendations of the external evaluation of COMPAL I.

(ii) The Internal Task Force of the UNCTAD CCPB: The UNCTAD Competition Branch Task Force  regularly takes part in supporting substantive issues, based on the long-standing experience and varied background of staff of the CCPB.

(iii) The AGE of COMPAL II: the Advisory Group of Experts (AGEs) would also contribute to enhance the substantive components through an Ad-hoc modality related to a specific activity either at local/activity, national or  regional level. The role of the AGE is also crucial to the Programme. In this regard, UNCTAD will organize membership to include competition and consumer protection experts from the Latin American region and elsewhere.  

The COMPAL Team in Geneva has monitored substantially the specific implementation of all COMPAL activities with success and in a timely and effective fashion, by means of, among others:

• Virtual meetings through SKYPE on a daily basis and/or other electronic media (see NARs), followed by formal exchange of minutes of the meetings.
• To formalize meetings, video-conferences were organized periodically. For instance, a video-conference was organized when the New Procedures Manual of COMPAL was issued in December 2010.
• All COMPAL products are analyzed in detail by UNCTAD’s Competition and Consumer Policy Branch, composed of highly-qualified officials of different origins and professional backgrounds.
• More than two officials at the Branch are devoted full-time to COMPAL and are responsible for its performance.

In addition to the daily work of the COMPAL team in Geneva, the Programme counts on the National Coordinators, who are also responsible for the implementation of activities in accordance with the approved logframes for each country.

For example, regarding the component of the sectoral in-depth studies, COMPAL developed its own methodology for the drafting of more than 24 sectoral studies to date, in Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Uruguay. COMPAL’s methodology uses qualitative and quantitative economic analyses to study the performance of markets or sectors across the value chain, making sure that all relevant dimensions of the issues concerned are visited

Day-to-day substantive monitoring of the COMPAL planned activities

Local/activity level: in coordination with the beneficiary country, UNCTAD assists in the adoption and/ or strengthening of competition laws and regulations, preparation of research papers, reports on specific topics of interest to the issues dealt within the Programme, sectoral studies, manuals, guidelines and others.

National level: UNCTAD provides assistance to the drafting of the national MOUs for the design and planning of each national project of COMPAL II. This assistance also relates to the drafting of the Annual Operative Plans (AOPs) in preparation for the Annual Conferences of the Programme.

Regional level: The drafting of the Global Annual Reports and other Ad-Hoc reports are the main responsability of UNCTAD in preparation for the Annual Conferences of the Programme. These reports have as a value added feature the regional component of COMPAL II.

The Regional Component is perhaps, within COMPAL II, the most important aspect of the SWISS-UNCTAD cooperation. This component has allowed other Latin American countries to benefit from the core products and outcomes as a whole since the start of COMPAL I in November 2004.

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