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Sectoral in-depth studies
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COMPAL has been carrying out sectoral studies related activities not only in the core beneficiaries but also in the new beneficiaries of COMPAL II. As a result, COMPAL led the implementation of more than twenty sectoral in-depth studies.


The purpose of these studies is to assess the status quo of competition through the analysis of the productive and commercial chains in different sectors. By this means, barriers to entry are identified and policy recommendations as to how to improve the conditions of competition in specific markets are provided. 


The selection of the studied sectors was based, among other factors, on the economic weight that the selected sector has within the economy of the beneficiary country. In addition, sectors were also chosen due to the number of alleged forms of anticompetitive practices taking place in local markets. To date, COMPAL has carried out studies on the following sectors: food, construction, services, hydrocarbons and freight.


Generally, the studies enclose the following sections: objective, hypothesis, methodology, economic and social environment, institutional and legal framework, main programmes and policies for the sectors, subsector analysis, identification of possible presumptions regarding anticompetitive practices, conclusions and policy recommendations. The studies also include a set of specific recommendations addressed to relevant institutions within local ministries that are in charge -directly or indirectly- of competition matters.


For the implementation of the studies, UNCTAD has used its previous experience on competition law and policy.  Thereby,  it collaborated and coordinated with the national authorities and country teams, composed by  national consultants.  UNCTAD is also in charge of the follow-up and supervision of the outcomes. 


The section below offers a summary of the studies. 


Basic grains sector

Poultry sector

Services sector

Construction sector

Other sectors

Published Sectoral studies during COMPAL I