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Dédé Léa Edith Medji
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Dédé Léa Edith Medji, Benin

With EMPRETEC, I received very practical entrepreneurship training that helped me build my skills when it came to planning, researching opportunities, and drawing up business plans.  I also developed my personal resources as a business leader.

Business: Mon petit Bénin
01 BP 4161 COTONOU

Based in Cotonou, the firm produces fruit juices and chips.  Its major product is natural baobab juice, which is bottled and has a long shelf life.  Company objectives include promoting local products, extending the health benefits of baobab and other fruit juices to greater numbers of people, and providing extra income for rural women in Benin.  Supplies of baobab tree pulp are provided by groups of women in the countryside who are thus encouraged to maintain baobabs.  The firm has 13 employees and is seeking to add handicapped staff as it expands.
Mon Petit Bénin is a firm that adds processing, or “value added,” to agriculture, which is the mainstay of Benin’s economy.  A good harvest in 2007 helped the country’s economy grow by more than 5%.  Agribusiness is a promising export sector, and Mon petit Bénin, following recent upgrades to its production processes to comply with international standards, recently began exporting to the United States.

Last updated: 29 May 2008 15:59