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Emelda Nyasha Nyamupingidza
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Emelda Nyasha Nyamupingidza, Zimbabwe

I motivate my staff by allowing them to make suggestions, and am willing to try out their ideas.  For example, employees proposed that during these tough economic times, we pack foods as a sideline business -- an idea that gave birth to the Pineflake Food brand.

Business: Nyaya Industries t/a Zesk Products
21 Birmingham Road, Southerton - Harare

Nyaya Industries is a regional firm based in Harare which makes candles and polishing products.  It has registered affiliates in Mozambique and Malawi.  Its founder, a trained chemist, started the business after she noticed a dearth in the early 1990s of quality candles and polishes in Zimbabwe.  She considers the current economic hardships of the country to be “a challenge, not a deterrent.”  Her business now employs more than 150 people and each month exports 56 tons of candles to Malawi.
In many African countries, including Zimbabwe, candles are a basic necessity in rural areas.  Such areas often have no electricity.  Nyaya Industries is the largest candle maker and second largest polish maker in Zimbabwe.  While other companies concentrated on urban customers, Nyaya began producing a smaller and cheaper candle for the four-fifths of Zimbabweans who live in the countryside.  The company continues to provide significant employment during the recent difficult economic period.

Last updated: 29 May 2008 15:59