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International Cities Forum (URBIS)
17 June 09h00, Blue and White Pavillion - Expo Center Norte
Interactive Thematic Sessions
17 June 09h00, Plenary Hall
Competitiveness Tools Fair
17 June 10h00, Anhembi Exhibition Pavillion
General Debate
17 June 10h00, Room B
Meeting of Trade Points of the Americas
17 June 10h00, Room C
High-level Panel
17 June 10h00, Auditorium Elis Regina
Tobacco-Free Initiative
17 June 10h00, Room A
Forum on Assessment of Trade in Services and Development Gains
17 June 10h00, Room II
Daily press briefing
17 June 11h00, Press Conference Room
17 June 11h00, Anhembi Exhibition Pavillion
Interactive Thematic Sessions
17 June 11h00, Plenary Hall
Investment Opportunities in Brazil
17 June 11h00, Espaça Brasil - Anhembi Exhibition Pavillion
Press Conference
17 June 11h45, Press Conference Room
Technology Fair of the Future
17 June 12h00, Anhembi Exhibition Pavillion
UNCTAD SG Tours Conference Fair
17 June 12h00, SEBRAE Auditorium - Anhembi Exhibition Pavillion
Intellectual Property Rights
17 June 13h00, Room G
17 June 13h15, Room D
Preparatory Committe of the Group of 77 and China
17 June 13h45, Room G
Press Conference
17 June 14h00, Press Conference Room
Panel Discussion
17 June 14h30, Auditorium Elis Regina

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