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Inauguration of Espaço Brasil
14 June 14h40, Anhembi Exibition Pavillion
Press Conference
14 June 15h00, Press Conference Room
Investment Advisory Council Meeting (UNCTAD/ICC/Global Compact)
14 June 15h00, Hotel Novotel
Industrial, Technological and Commercial Policies for Sustainable Development
14 June 15h00, Espaço Brasil, Anhembi Exhibition Pavillion
The role of Competition Policy in Promoting Competitiveness and Development
14 June 15h00, Room A
Round Table on harnessing Emerging Technologies to meet the Millenium development Goals (UNCTAD/UNIDO)
14 June 15h00, Room II
High-level Round Table: Trade and Poverty
14 June 15h45, Plenary Hall
Opening - General Debate
14 June 16h00, Room B
Opening Plenary - Committee of the Whole
14 June 16h00, Room I
Consideration of the Conference Text
14 June 16h30, Room I
Dialogue Forum: Partnership for Development
14 June 17h15, Hotel Novotel
Opening Ceremony of International Cities Forum
14 June 17h30, Blue and White Pavillion, Expo Center Norte
Press Conference
14 June 17h30, Press Conference Room
Press Conference
14 June 18h30, Press Conference Room
Development Strategies Session: Economic Development and Capital Accumulation
14 June 18h30, Plenary Hall
Technical Group UN/Brazil/Chile/France)
15 June 08h00, Room Tietê
Agribusiness, a Highly Competitive Chain
15 June 09h00, Espaçao Brasil, Anhembi Exhibition Pavillion
Launch of the Publication Trade and Gender
15 June 09h00, Room II
International Cities Forum (URBIS)
15 June 09h00, Blue and White Pavillion - Expo Center Norte
Interactive Thematic Sessions
15 June 10h00, Plenary Hall

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