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15 November 2005 16:54
The UN Conference on competition opens in Antalya on 14 November 2005
17 June 2004 22:27
Trade and Gender
17 June 2004 21:31
Building the productive capacity of developing countries firms
17 June 2004 12:00
UNCTAD Virtual Institute on Trade And Development Launch of new partnership with academia.
16 June 2004 17:30
Round Table on Trade and Gender While women are joining the global workforce in increasing numbers, the changing nature of employment as a result of globalization and trade liberalization has had a dramatic impact on their work and on the rest of their lives.
16 June 2004 12:00
UNCTAD Biotrade Initiative announces three partnerships to promote nature conservation and biodiversity business UNCTAD today announced new partnerships in support of biotrade in Brazil, Ecuador and the Amazon region.
16 June 2004 11:30
Rubens Ricupero receives "Lifetime Achievement Award - 2004" from World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs The World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs of the World Trade University presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to UNCTAD S-G Rubens Ricupero for "his extraordinary achievement in bringing people and institutions together to enhance shared prosperity".
16 June 2004 09:34
High-Level Panel on Creative Industries and Development The panel agreed that support for domestic creative industries should be seen an integral part of the promotion and protection of cultural diversity.
16 June 2004 09:30
Leveraging FDI for Export Competitiveness The role of policy in promoting greater development benefits from foreign direct investment (FDI).
15 June 2004 20:30
Economic Development and Capital Accumulation Recent Experience and Policy Implications focused on lessons from the development experiences of Latin America and Asia over the past 20 years.
15 June 2004 16:30
Investment Instruments on-line On the occasion of the Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) signing ceremony, UNCTAD launched a new on-line repository of BITs and related international investment instruments…
15 June 2004 16:00
Globalization and Development Facts and Figures To mark its fortieth anniversary, UNCTAD has launched GlobStat providing online access to facts and figures about development and globalization.
15 June 2004 00:42
Opening of the UNCTAD XI Conference
14 June 2004 11:00
Inauguration of the Conference H. E. Mr. Luiz Inàcio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, opened the UNCTAD XI Conference on 14 June at the inaugural ceremony at the Anhembi Convention Centre in São Paulo, Brazil.
13 June 2004 12:30
Declaration Signed at Ministerial Meeting of LDCs Ministers adopted a political declaration, highlighting the key issues of interest to LDCs and the international support measures required to address the multifaceted development problems confronting their countries.
13 June 2004 12:00
Communiqué issued by Landlocked Developing Countries Ministers called for the full and effective implementation of the Almaty Programme of Action and stressed that WTO negotiations on market access should give particular consideration to products of special interest to landlocked developing countries.
13 June 2004 10:30
Group of 77 Special Ministerial Meeting | 40th Anniversary Commemoration A Special Ministerial Meeting marked the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the Group of 77.
12 June 2004 17:00
Civil Society voice their concerns In a two-part document, participants in the Civil Society Forum presented a set of principles, positions and actions to the Members States of the Conference.
12 June 2004 13:30
Meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) The Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting on the occasion of UNCTAD IX. A declaration was adopted by consensus at the closing session.
27 May 2004 19:00
Launch of the LDC report 2004 | Linking International Trade with Poverty Reduction