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Programme at a glance
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Meeting hours at the Conference site: 10h00 to 13h00 and 15h00 to 18h00 unless otherwise specified.

Conference Events



  • Inaugural Ceremony
  • Press Conference
  • Procedural matters
  • General Statements by delegations (Ministerial Segment)

Review of all Aspects of the set:

Panels I and II:

  • Competition policy and International Cooperation, including Regional Agreements
  • How to operationalize Special and Differential treatment in the Application of Competition Law and Policy.
  • Voluntary Peer Review:  Jamaica
  • General Discussion on related issues
  • Panel III: The role of Economic Analysis in Competition Law enforcement
  • Panel IV: The Role of the Judiciary in Competition Law enforcement
  • Voluntary Peer Review: Kenya
  • General Discussion on related issues
  • Review of Application and Proposals for the improvement of the set
  • Review of Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Activities and member countries' needs in this area
Panels (cont'd)
  • Panel V: Techniques for gathering evidence on Cartels
  • Review of proposal for the Application and Implementation of the Set
  • Panel VI: Application of Competition Law and Policy to the Informal Sector
  • Review of future Work Program
  • Forum: Competition Policy in favour of Business
  • Adoption of Outcome and Report
  • Closing Ceremony


Parallel and Side Events

Sunday evening: Reception offered by H.E. Recep Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey



  • Dinner Reception offered by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Turkey
    H.E. Ali Coşkun
  • Competition and Development: Findings of EC - Financed Research
  • Presentation of Findings of an EC-Funded Research Project on Competition, Consumer Protection and Development
  • Presentation by CRC (Manchester University) on Recent Research on Competition Regulation and Development
  • Competition and Consumer Protection Day:
  • Keynote Lunch address
  • Consumer Protection and Competition Issues and NGO events:
    CUTS Research findings
  • Keynote Lunch address on China's Competition Law Policy
  • Signature of Bilateral Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding
  • UNCTAD Distance Learning Training on Competition Policy:
    Hands-on Session
  • Cultural event
  • Cultural event

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