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ICT-based Programmes
ICT-based Programmes
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UNCTAD ICT-based programmes promote economic development and trade. These programmes are well established, some for more than 20 years, in many developing countries across all regions, and include:

  • ASYCUDA: a customs computerization programme that increases the efficiency and timeliness of customs clearance procedures. Installed in over 80 countries.
  • TRAINFORTRADE: a technical assistance programme that uses ICTs to deliver training courses and build local training capacities.
  • UNCTAD Virtual Institute: a network of universities sharing teaching and research materials.
  • E-Tourism Initiative: a programme that helps developing countries market their tourism destinations on the Internet.
  • DMFAS: a debt management and financial analysis programme. Installed in over 60 countries.
  • INFOCOMM: a knowledge management tool on commodities. Promotes market transparency and provides specialized information on key commodities.
  • Investment Gateway: an electronic information system that helps identify investment opportunities and facilitates the transparency of rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Connect Africa Initiative: an UNCTAD partnership with the State of Geneva to build ICT capabilities and infrastructure in African LDCs.

Last updated: 8 November 2005 18:37