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Seating Arrangements
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In the Plenary Hall, it will be possible to provide six seats for each member State, of which two at the table and four immediately behind. Representatives of the specialized agencies and designated intergovernmental organizations and other observer organizations will have one seat at the table and two behind. The gallery will be used for the press and for additional seating.

In the Main Committee room, there will be two seats at the table and two behind for each Member State. Seats will also be available for the representatives of the specialized agencies and intergovernmental organizations.

Within the limits of the space and services available, every effort will be made to accommodate regional groups and other delegations that may wish to meet informally. Requests for such meetings should be addressed to the UNCTAD Group Liaison Unit located at the Anhembi Convention Centre.

Last updated: 23 April 2004 18:42
At the Conference
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