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Cross-cutting issues
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In addition to its discussion of the four subthemes, the conference will consider three cross-cutting issues in the trade-and-development matrix. These issues go beyond the purely economic dimension to encompass core social and human values that are part and parcel of the MDGs: poverty reduction, gender and the creative industries.

Trade and poverty

While there is consensus that trade must occupy a central place in an effective global partnership for development to achieve poverty reduction, more analysis is needed of the role of trade in sustained national economic development and poverty reduction. What are the links between trade, growth and income convergence among countries? What is the impact of the extent and form of trade integration, and of different patterns of trade development, on growth and poverty? What policies and institutional mechanisms are needed to ensure that trade effectively supports poverty reduction, and how can governments better use trade to that end?

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Trade and gender

Increased trade and investment provide numerous employment opportunities for women in export?oriented, labour-intensive industries and services. The liberalization of services in particular can potentially enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of host economies, especially where there is a large and cheap female labour surplus. In many countries, however, this comes at the risk of creating or worsening inequities for the poor and for women, driving down wages and cutting into government safety nets of which women are the main beneficiaries. How can the gender perspective be integrated into trade policy and trade negotiations to ensure that the objectives of gender equality and an equitable multilateral trading system are mutually supportive?

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Trade and the creative industries

The creative industries — from music and movies to broadcasting, publishing and software production —can provide new opportunities for developing countries to leapfrog into new areas of wealth creation. But this requires building the local capacity needed for artists, entrepreneurs and domestic cultural industries in general to participate in global markets, contribute to value-added and generate upstream and downstream linkages throughout the economy. What are the best ways to do this?

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Last updated: 16 May 2004 16:21