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16 June 2004, 15h00 - 18h00, Room E
Trade Related E-Finance for SMEs

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Background information: One of the main impediments to satisfactory enterprise trade performance and competitiveness is the lack of access to trade and working capital finance at reasonable terms. Due to high-perceived risk financial service providers are biased against financing developing countries enterprises and especially SMEs with latter continuing to rely on self-finance or expensive informal sector finance. Intensive use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and introduction of Internet based e-finance and e-credit information techniques with much lower unit costs permit to improve considerably SMEs access e-commerce and e-finance. At the same time to encourage SMEs moving towards modern corporate organisation and networking, developing countries need to build up modern market friendly business regulations and institutions with low taxes for SMEs, proper company registries, auditing and accounting, bankruptcy, public courts records and available to financial service providers information on companies&apo; payment behaviour.

Purpose: The objective of the Parallel Event on Trade Related E-Finance for SMEs is to analyse emerging environment, e-business techniques and modalities in the area of e-finance and discuss appropriate frameworks to develop new online solutions for credit information and risk management to ensure better SMEs access to trade finance and e-finance

Expected outcome: The Event will come up with a conclusions summarising existing progress in e-finance for SMEs and suggesting possible future solutions.


Contact: Mr. Rouben Indjikian,  UNCTAD.  E-mail:

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