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15 June 2004, 14h00 - 17h00, Auditorium Ipiranga
Forum on International Trade and Tourism
Co-organized with: Ministry of Tourism, Brazil and World Torurism Organization

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Background information: Tourism is a major sector of the global economy, with global receipts from international tourism surpassing most other economic sectors. In many developing and least developed countries, tourism activities are many times more important than manufacture or agriculture in terms of participation and economic activity. At the same time, however, tourism is a highly vulnerable economic activity, dependent on a number of factors, some of which are beyond the control of developing countries. Global events (related to international politics, health-related risks, climate factors, etc) may have a detrimental impact on the performance of the sector. Other factors, however, are policy-dependent and in this connection adopting a coherent developmental framework for trade in tourism services becomes a crucial issue, particularly for those countries with high economic dependence on tourism.

Purpose: In the above perspective the event will feature a series of panels focusing on the following aspects:

  1. Lessons from existing experiences on the liberalization of tourism to support export competitiveness, and implementation of policies that ensure spill over effects on local communities and poverty eradication;
  2. Models and schemes to develop and monitor market intelligence
  3. Areas for increased south-south tourism trade flows taking advantages of FTA and RTAs
  4. Possible cooperation in infrastructure-related projects, including in third countries,
  5. Implementation of the Lisbon Declaration;
  6. Inputs to the host country’s efforts to launch a innovative integrated strategy for the Tourism sector.

Expected outcome: The outcome of this event would shed some ligth on some national experience in order to provide insigths on how policies and a new genaration of innovative policies and strategies could be developed in more coherent manner to lift performance and development in tourism destinations of devloping countries.
Impact of trade liberalization on the equitable distribution of benefits in tourism destinations of developing countries. Competitive strategies to ensure development gains, poverty eradication and trade benefits in developing countries tourism destination. The impact of anticompetitive practices in the erosion of gains in the value added chains of tourism services. Models of market intelligence and innovative approaches to improve markets penetration, monitoring and assessment of performance of tourism destination of developing countries at the national, regional and interregional level Analysis of national experiences.


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Contact: Mr. David Diaz Benavides,  UNCTAD.  E-mail:

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