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18 November 2005, 10h00 - 13h00, Plenary Hall
Business Forum | The role of Competition law and policy in promoting private sector development
Panelists will be drawn from among business leaders, policy makers and academics.

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  • Business Forum on Competition Law Policy: Creation of an International enabling environment for enhancing the productive capacity of developing countries and improving their ability to compete on regional and global markets

    - Mr. Rıfat Hisarcıklıoğlu (Turkey)
    - Mr. Chul-kyu Kang (Korea)
    - Mr. Kemal Erol (Turkey)
    - Ms. Geraldine Emberger (EU)                        
    - Mr. David Geddes (Jamaica)
    - Mr. Sok Siphana (ITC)                           
    - Mr. Khalifa Tounakti (Tunisia)
    - Mr. Eşref Biryıldız (Turkey)
    - Mr. Paul Conway (OECD)
    - Mr. Douglas Reissner (Namibia)
    - Mr. Mark Williams (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 
    - Mr. Ragib Guliyev (Technical University Azerbaijan)                                               
    - Mr. Erdal Eren (Turkey)
    - Mr. Julian Oram (ActionAid)
  • General Debate

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