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Panel V
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17 November 2005, 10h00 - 13h00, Plenary Hall
Panel V | Techniques for gathering Evidence on Cartels
Investigative tools for unearthing cartels; evidence gathering including cooperation with other competition authorities; leniency programmes; advocating voluntary compliance.

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  • Panel IV: Techniques for gathering evidence on cartels

    - Introduction by the Secretariat
  • Presentations by Panellists

    - Mr. Frédérick Jenny (France)
    - Ms. Mariana Tavares (Brazil)
    - Mrs. Anne Purcell (USA)
    - Ms. Patricia Araujo (Brazil)
    - Mr. Simon Evenett (University of St Gallen)
    - Mr. Shan Ramburuth (South Africa)
    - Celina Escolan (El Salvador)
  • General Debate
    (List of speakers to be announced)
  • Review of application and proposals for improvement of the set (continued)

Contact: Mr. Hassan Qaqaya, UNCTAD Secretariat. E-mail:

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