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Panel V
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17 November 2005, 10h00 - 13h00, Plenary Hall
Panel V | Techniques for gathering Evidence on Cartels
Investigative tools for unearthing cartels; evidence gathering including cooperation with other competition authorities; leniency programmes; advocating voluntary compliance.

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This session will review recent hard-core cartel cases which have been successfully prosecuted by competition authorities in developing countries. The discussion will focus on:

  • investigative tools for unearthing cartels,
  • evidence gathering including cooperation with other competition authorities,
  • the role of leniency and advocacy programmes in promoting voluntary compliance.

Delegates might wish to discuss methodologies and approaches to the definition of the relevant markets including econometrics. Delegates are invited to submit written communications on this topic, share their experiences during the discussions, and provide the meeting with relevant material which is already publicly available. Delegates wishing to make a structured intervention during the round table are invited to inform the Secretariat.

Contact: Mr. Hassan Qaqaya, UNCTAD Secretariat. E-mail:

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